Edustore Botswana PTY (LTD ), is the official authorized reseller of Smart Kidz Club.
Smart Kidz Club is a global publisher providing an online portal cum e-book platform for young readers consisting of the fastest growing collection of online & mobile educational reading resources for children between 1 to 11 years of age. The Read-Along and Smart Word technology promotes reading, word recognition, and vocabulary building. The bright pictures, eye-catching illustrations, and beautiful design keep the children engaged. The audio in each book helps promote correct pronunciation of words. The high quality, original, and contemporary content is relevant to kids all around the world.

Smart Kidz Club has a collection of over 300 books in its library that are easily searchable by category, age, reading level, and special education. Each month 8 to 10 new books are added. Categories range from science, numbers and math, solar system, history, animals, character education to story time and special education. Subscription to the library provides unlimited access to all content on Smart Kidz Club.

All books added in your bookshelf can be easily synced to mobile devices for reading without Wi-Fi. There are no harmful and distracting advertisements or any mindless games. All content has been developed to promote education and learning that kids can take anywhere and consume anytime.

About Edustore

Edustore Botswana PTY (LTD ) is a registered educational material specialist provider, with over 15 years’ experience. Our passion and goal is to provide the education system with quality products that will in turn produce high flying and world class students. We are therefore hereby inviting you to our warehouse, where we have exceptional Reception call Material with products that range from  - Arts & Crafts - Fantasy Play - E-Learning Material - Educational Software.

Our products are of world class standard, proven by our partnership with a number of internationally recognized companies. Attached is our elaborate proposal for your appraisal.